Rendezvous with a Revolutionary - Josh Fitzgerald

Role: Head of Sales (Victoria)
Office: Melbourne, Australia
Year Joined: 2019
How would you describe working here in 3 words? Empowering, fun and welcoming.

The Revolutionary

I/nside: What do you do here?

I work together with clients and agencies to promote Revolution360’s out-of-home assets.

O/utside: Do you have any interests outside of work?

I enjoy playing golf and basketball, watching the footy and love taking my dog on adventures.

A/ll Around: What are you passionate about?

Definitely sport and family! I’ve always preferred being in a team and coming together with other people to compete. Family can be just as competitive as team mates!

What’s your favourite aspect about Revolution360?

The creativity and flexibility in what we do and what we can offer our clients. No two days are the same and no two briefs are the same. So it keeps me engaged and challenged to keep coming up with exciting ideas. The positive attitude within in the business is much better for executing crazy ideas than other big businesses.

What is your go-to catch phrase and why?

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.
It reminds me to have a go at things even if I feel it’s unlikely to happen because if I don’t, then it definitely won’t.