Rendezvous with a Revolutionary - Phoebe Kafataris

Role: Account Manager
Office: Sydney
Year Joined: 2017
How would you describe working here in 3 words? Fast, full-on, fun!

The Revolutionary

I am a loud, extroverted girl who grew up in the Shire in a big fat Greek-Cypriot family. I have a Journalism degree and an obsession with margaritas and dumplings!

I/nside: What do you do here? 

I am an Account Manager for the Media Sales team. I balance multiple catch ups with clients each week, with working on briefs and brainstorming cool ideas for campaigns with my team. I often present our offering to new and existing clients, which is both daunting and exciting. Part of the roll is keeping up with brand campaigns across all media formats in Australia, so I do a lot of reading online. I also manage our Sydney Trains Sampling Concession, so I often do a lot of planning and site visits with clients and supervise live campaigns.Groundhog Day doesn’t exist in media sales.

O/utside: Do you have any interests outside of work? 

I am an avid make up/beauty lover. I am always practicing different make up looks,especially around Halloween. Last year I did a melting skull with gooey skin dripping off my face. I love finding new products that have different uses. I also love salsa dancing at the salsa nights around Sydney. One night I danced for four hours straight and almost passed out in my partners arms at 1 am,because I lost track of time and didn’t want to stop. I was forced into doing Greek dancing lessons as a child by my mother, so my love for dancing comes from there. I have performed at the Greek Festival of Sydney and at many Greek taverna nights where many plates were smashed. 

A/ll Around: What are you passionate about? 

Building friendships with my clients is something that I love. I have always been an extrovert, so meeting new clients and creating relationships with them is essential for me. I love being able to call them friends and have fun while working with them on projects. I have always loved the social aspect that comes with the media industry. There are so many interesting and inspiring people to cross paths with. 

Has your career panned out the way you’d expected?

Not at all. After studying journalism, I had no idea I would end up in a sales role. I have never really stressed about where I am going or when. I just go with it.

If you could share a meal with four celebrities (living or dead), who would they be & why? 

Whitney Houston, Marylin Monroe, Rihanna and Ariana Grande. All four are amazingly talented, powerful strong women who worked hard to be best at what they do. We’ll start with around of margaritas!