Cellarbrations: Closer Than You Think

The sky is NOT our limit!


Appointed to execute Cellarbrations’ giant summer aerial campaign, our mission was to fly their heli-banner in 5 capital cities in 4 weeks, targeting the largest and most visited beaches in the country at the busiest times of the day.


The campaign was one of our most collaborative pieces to date where our team designed and produced a banner the length of an Olympic swimming pool. In a race against time, we then had to ensure that all flight schedules could accommodate the transport of the banner to each state in time for lift off.  We banded together with our pilots, air traffic control and CASA to figure out logistics and gear up for the huge activity.

A/nd then…

Via a whopping 7 flights nationally, Cellarbrations broke our record for the largest aerial campaign ever for their summer beach takeover! The client was so excited to see their branding soar across the sunny skies all over the country, and so were we!