Crust Pizza x Peking Duk Poster Campaign

Street posters transformed into turntables.


When Crust Pizza joined forces with electronica duo Peking Duk on an “out-of-the-box” promotion, we devised a street poster campaign to match – one that young, urban Australians wouldn’t be able to walk past. 


So, we turned pedestrians into DJs. And city streets into nightclubs. Our strategically positioned posters – fitted with speakers – invited passersby to make their own mix, using Peking Duk samples, as well as drum and bass lines. We even included a scratch tool.
We also directed traffic engagement with an extensive media campaign, across social media  and radio channels.

A/nd then...

This one-of-a-kind campaign combined outdoor media and strategic content to engage hundreds of thousands of pizza lovers, Peking Duk fans and would-be DJs in capital cities across Australia.