Halo Top Creamery

We stopped 10,000 commuters in their tracks.


Everybody loves ice cream. Especially free ice cream. So, when the folks at Los Angeles’ Halo Top Creamery asked us to spread word across Sydney about their low-calorie, protein-packed ice cream, we followed the path of least resistance – and gave it away.


On the first day of summer, 2017, we drew on our exclusive contract with Sydney Trains to take over every single entrance to Wynyard, one of the busiest station in the city. And, when unsuspecting commuters rushed past, we broke their sweat with free tubs of dairy goodness.

A/nd then...

More than 10,000 post-work frowns were turned upside-down in just three hours! We’d never before seen such an enormous, happy, buzzing crowd at an activation. Like we said, everybody loves ice cream.