Jean Paul Gaultier’s ‘La Belle & Le Beau’

Two iconic fragrances. One golden idea.


A bespoke project, our creative team was entrusted with conceptualising and executing a campaign that brought to life Jean Paul Gaultier’s biggest initiative for 2019 “La Belle and Le Beau’, with a sensory twist. Building on the ‘Gaultier Garden’ theme and the striking gilded fragrance bottles, we were able to design a custom poster frame that was tactile to compliment the stunning creative campaign.


To achieve JPG’s premium look, we vigorously trialled and tested custom materials and colour-ways until we found the perfect match that not only looked the part but adhered to our client’s global brand guidelines.

The result was a series of spectacular gold custom frames, featuring a large ‘Jean Paul Gaultier’ sun and flowers integrated to compliment the ‘Gaultier Garden’ theme. Not a detail was missed, with every flower and leaf carefully selected and constructed not to mention the countless shades of gold that were explored until we found the one that mimicked the golden accents on the perfume bottle perfectly.

A/nd then…

We dominated the sites surrounding prime Westfield’s where in centre activations were taking place. The campaign ran for two weeks and was successful in drawing attention, passers by stopping to touch the flowers and take a selfie for their socials. When the sunlight hit the golden frames, they brought the branding imagery to life in a new and innovative way not typically seen in the out of home space.