Netflix Activation

Launching Tidelands with an underwater billboard.


Tasked with the launch of Tidelands, the first Australian series to appear on Netflix, we were ready to make a splash. Literally. And what better place to dive in than the iconic Icebergs pool, Bondi Beach – one of Australia’s most Instagramable spots.


We fabricated a billboard with a difference. This monumental, 700-square metre, digital work streamed underwater – in full view of swimmers, surfers and passersby. On one hand, the bold statement, “The Tide Has Turned”, sparked intrigue. On the other, a CGI-produced whirlpool created a mesmerising visual talking point, as it conveyed the illusion of being drawn into a giant vortex.

A/fter effect...

This innovative guerrilla marketing was just one part of a 360° campaign, which extended to street furniture and a takeover of Sydney’s metro train stations. In keeping with legendary Netflix strategy, we drew on the element of surprise, to create unique brand engagement and spark debate across social media channels.

Credits: Yakkazoo Pty Ltd for creative production