The Kraken Rum: National Brand Campaign

Unleashing The Kraken.


Named after a mythical sea beast, The Kraken is a black spiced rum that evokes the mystery and risk of 19th century adventure. It’s also a market leader in distilled spirits. Entrusted with promoting the brand to the entire population of Australia, we went all out.


Drawing on our extensive capacity, we executed a multi-faceted, mass-reach campaign across multiple channels – from street posters and chalk stencils to wall murals and light projections. And, just like The Kraken, our posters weren’t of the ordinary kind. Pulsing LED lights caught the eye, at the same time evoking the sea beast’s enigma and folkloric status.

A/nd then...

By going inside, outside and all-around, we made sure The Kraken had Australians quaking in their boots – then sampling his hauntingly delicious rum made with 11 mysterious spices from around the world.